Crossway Chapel and Counselling Centre

Crossway Chapel and Counselling Centre

Project Manager: Russell Oettinger

DNAco have had a long affiliation with Crossway Church Community, having been involved almost since the original building was completed. We have been involved in numerous projects on Site with the following being the major ones to date:

The Chapel/ Counselling Centre – A 2 storey Split faced Block building with Concrete tiles, comprising of a Chapel and Prayer Room, capable of seating 250 people on the 1st Floor. As well as a Counselling Centre on the Ground Floor. DNAco were involved in the Design Stages as well as the actual building works.

Café/Lift/Storage Basement – This project involved excavation under the existing Foyer of the Church to create approx. 300ms of Storage Space, plus the creation of a substantial Lounge and associated Café above at Level 1. It also involved the construction of a Lift/Stair Well and the installation of a Lift that provides access, particularly for the elderly and disabled members of the Church.

The Acoustic treatment of the main Auditorium, involved Design and Installation of Acoustic Panels along the whole of the rear Walls of the Auditorium.


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