Company Profile

We’re a Melbourne-based construction company, with wide-ranging experience in healthcare, commercial, church and aged-care projects. Started by Des Nixon and now owned and run by Chris Bato, Des' son-in-law, DNAco in its current form has been operating in Melbourne since 1996.

About Chris Bato
Chris joined DNAco in 1998 after working on the Telstra cable roll-out. As a carpenter, he soon moved into site supervisor roles and in 2002 managed the first MRI installation for DNAco. The success of this project led to an increasing demand from the medical industry and in 2006, Chris moved into a full-time Medical Projects Manager role. By 2008, health care projects were DNAco's largest source of revenue.

About Des Nixon
Des started work in the building industry in 1975 on the south coast of NSW, working on an offshoot of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Leighton Contractors transferred him to Melbourne in 1976 to supervise the northern end of Museum Station (later renamed to Melbourne Central Station). From there, Des went on to gain extensive practical and business experience working in commercial concrete construction and general commercial and domestic building. Almost 20 years after starting his career, he established DNAco.

What makes us different?

At DNAco we believe that the most important thing we build is relationships.

That’s why our business is thriving after 20 years of operation. We believe that the people who make up DNAco – our project managers, supervisors, carpenters, labourers, estimators, and office support team – are our biggest asset. Working together, we’re committed to excellence in our work, safety on our sites and to building good relationships.